Looking forward to working with you
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Content creation for your website

Words are power! I’ve spent years working with people in the creative industries and love providing creative content and imagery for my clients. I will customise your blog content to engage your clients. I will optimise your content for SEO and help drive traffic to your website.

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Need copy for a project? I provide personalised copywriting for organisations, small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and local government. Whatever your requirements, I create customised writing to suit all of your communication needs.

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Your website is your shopfront so correct writing, spelling and grammar is essential for professionalism. I love to proofread! So I will go over your copy to ensure you are publishing polished content, free from grammatical and spelling errors.

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Media Releases & Feature Articles

My success rate with getting media releases published or snaring clients an interview is stellar. My clients have featured in local and national newspapers, television and magazine publications.

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Is your resume’ unattractive? Are you failing in your job applications? I will polish your resume, enhance its content and make you and your resume attractive to prospective employers.

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Speech Writing

Do you need to present a speech and are terrified of putting your audience to sleep? Let me help you to create an engaging presentation or a captivating speech for any occasion or event.

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GoFundMe Campaigns

Whatever the cause, your message needs to be well-written so your audience will keep reading. My success of turning your words into an engaging, emotive and persuasive piece of copy has increased many GoFundMe campaigns.

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I am an accomplished photographer with 20 years-experience in the wedding, portrait and family photography industry. I offer customised photography of your products, business or corporate headshots of your staff.